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I have an IPad 3rd generation & can't seem to delete the 3 pages that are at the end of my document.....

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1
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    Hi t,


    Pages (for Mac OS X) supports two types of document; page layout and word processing.


    In Page Layout documents , each page is a separate section. To delete one or more pages/sections, it is necessary to select the page(s) in the sidebar at the left, then press delete, then confirm that you want to delete these pages.


    In word processor documents, pages are created 'on the fly.' Each page is added when there is text (or characters that are treated as text) to be placed on that page. If the 'text' is removed, the page disappears.


    (Mac instructions)

    Go View (menu) > Show Invisibles.


    Examine the 'blank' pages for a symbol in blue near the top or bottom of the page. This is likely a Page break, or possibly a Section break.


    Click to place the insertion point AFTER the break, then press delete. Repeat as necessary.


    Pages for iOS instructions should be similar, but in case they're not, I'll request this thread be moved to the iWork for iOS community.




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    i beleive iOS just handles everything as a word processor document. Thus it is most likely  extra paragraph characters at the end.


    however, I dont see a way of turning on invisibles on teh ipad. So it would be to navigate to the bottom of the document, on the ast blank page, and backspace.



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    In Pages on ipad I backspaced from bottom of blank page. It worked! Thanks Jax

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    I have the same problem. I went to the Genius Bar at my local Apple store and they could find no way to fix the problem. Navigating to the last page and backspacing did not work. All they could say was to make the changes on a Mac, using the full-featured version of Pages. This should be highlighted as a Known Issue that needs to be fixed on Pages for iPad.

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    I had the same problem. I put my cursor on the page I wanted to delete an typed a few characters. I hi-lighted the characters on that page and select delete from my option menu. Once I did this my extra page was deleted. I'm not sure if this will work for everyone or if it is due to an update but hope it helps. 

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    Genious.  Worked for me.  Thank you.