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It's a new Momentus XT 750 that I bought to replace the orignal HDD.


I can read and write and even installed Leopard via USB, but the SMART status was not appearing 'verified'.


After installing I hook it up to my MBP and it could not be recognized.


Please help. Thanks.

MBP 2.8G Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 4Gb RAM
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    When a hard drive is connected via USB, Firewire, or any other external port, SMART monitoring and testing are not supported for it.


    When the drive is installed internally, does Disk Utility see it?


    Were you running the same version of Leopard on your previous hard drive in this machine?


    Did you yank on the hard drive ribbon cable when you removed the old drive? If so, you could have damaged the cable. Try putting the old drive back in. If that still works, the cable is OK.

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    I'm running the MBP with my old hard drive right now. yes it's the same version of leopard that came with the mbp when i purchased it. when the drive was installed internally, trackpad cursor can move but no clicking is available. please advise how to have access to DU so that i can check..



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    What does "no clicking is available" mean? Does the trackpad click when you press it, but nothing happens as a result? That would suggest a flawed OS installation. Can you not depress the trackpad enough to make it click? That would suggest a swollen battery, but it would behave the same with the older drive installed. Is tap-to-click activated? If so, does that work any better than pressing the trackpad to produce a physical click? How about trying an external USB mouse from any other computer? Can you click with that?


    If there's really no way you can click, you can't access Disk Utility, and I really think you have a bad OS installation. In that case, I recommend reformatting the new drive and then cloning the old one to it, since you know the OS on the old one works.