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some weird issues with wifi. Even though the MBP is connected and speed tests show reasonable performance the MBP keeping looking for networks every few seconds - if you display the wifi icon in the menu bar it flashes from being 'on" or "looking for networks..." I am using a DLink DIR-655 router.


Have troubleshot like mad - did all of the many suggested fixes to no avail.


Why would this constant looking be going on if the MBP is connected with a decent signal strength?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    That's normal behaviour.


    It's also why, if you're on battery power and you're not using the internet, you should turn wifi off to get more out of your battery.

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    Its looking for networks because you clicked on the WiFi icon and the Mac assumes you might want to switch which network you are using, so it is trying to populate the WiFi menu with choices.


    If you stop looking at the contents of the WiFi menu, the Mac is not going to bother looking for networks.


    When you open the refrigerator door, is the light on?  Why is the light on every time you open the refrigerator door?  Is it always on?  How do you know?  Same principal


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