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Okay, so i do not yet own a mac but i have an iPod Touch which is really cool. Anyway, I have a Canon DSLR and take high-qualtity vidoe with it. After watching many video tutorials etc many people say when you import your video dont import it to iPhoto. Why is this, isnt iPhoto good to organise your photos/video. Does it compress/change in anyway the video?





iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1
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    There are a million different Codecs used by a thousand different manucfaturers for creating video. I doubt there's any app on any system that actually supports them all. That said, depending on the actual model of camera (because, yes, Canon use different codecs on different models), it's quite likely that iPhoto can be extended. Alternatively, iMovie may be used to process the output from your camera to a format that iPhoto will work with.


    So, what model is your Canon and what format(s) does your camera shoot?


    All iPhoto does with video is catalogue and store it. Nothing else. It doesn't even play, just calls up the  QuickTime player to view it.


    No, iPhoto does not change or compress anything - video, stills - unless you tell it to.






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    Thanks for that, I wonder if it was just a personal preference made by those producers/videographers.