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i got the new iPad (3) and on the initializing i trying to restore from my itunes backup of my older iPad 2.


after backing up the iPad 2, i connected the new iPad and clicked restore from the backup file i chose, it starts to do the back up and then pops up an error message saying:

This iPad could not be restored because the backup file is either corrupted or the ipad device that is restored is not supported


i used different backup files, and i tried backing up afresh, but the error remain the same.


anyone had this problem or know how to solve it ?  will truly appreciated.





iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 5.1.1
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    I would suggest you not to restore from ipad 2 but set up as new ipad instead. Those who did reported about quick battery drain and after a series of testing, credits to eph411, it is because of restoring from a previous ipad backup.


    here is the link, look out for the post by eph411:


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    The correct way to transfer your iTunes from one iPad to another is to sync the old iPad to your computer to copy the iTunes there, and then sync the new iPad to the same computer to copy those iTunes to the new iPad.  It sounded like you were trying to directly copy the songs from the old iPad to the new Ipad without syncing to the computer.


    Hope this helps

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    thanks for your inputs, but both ipads were synced on the same macbook, and i tried setting up the new ipad using a backup from the previous ipad.


    i have done the same when i shifted from iPad to iPad2, or from iPhone4 to iPhone 4S,

    its the very same way and it worked, don't know why now its not.


    setting a new ipad will be tedious work.

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    ok, now i'm really worried...can't restore my previous iPad and if i do the battery will die quickly...after brief look at the iPad3, i'm feeling sorry i bought it- there is no much added value between the older and the newer version...and now restoring the data is another headache...bummer !

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    You can try this and see what happens.


    Eject your new iPad, quit iTunes and restart your computer. Then launch iTunes and go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices. See if you have mutliple iPad backups showing in there. If you have multiple backups, find the ones that did not work and delete them. Quit iTunes.


    Connect the Old iPad and backup and and sync again. Then try to restore from the newly created backup of the old iPad again.

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    sounds like a plan, thanks Demo, will try that !

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    THANKS Demo, IT WORKED !!!


    YEEPPPEE !!!



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    I am very happy to hear that it went well for you!

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    If you need to recover pictures and  (ONLY) it's pretty easy and you don't need to use software.