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I have a 2011 iMac running OSX 10.7.3.

I am trying to share a folder in my firewire external hard drive formatted for EXFat so I can use it in Bootcamp as well.

When i turn on file sharing, all the folders on Machintosh HD can be shared perfectly over AFP and SMB and be accessed by both OSX and windows.

However, folders shared from the external drive will appear when i type in \\My-iMac\ on a windows machine for example, but if I click on them errors are of the sort, like windows cannot connect to the specified location... This happens under both guest and my log in details... I tried a symbolic link but it just showed up as a file under windows. Are there any solutions for this? Or if this is a bug, is there a workaround to this?


Any help is appreciated.



iMac, iOS 4