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Hi guys,

I am curious to know what the software actually does to an image to:

a) get larger, or smaller on a monitor, b) to print larger, c) be sent larger or smaller as an email attachment.

And what happens to the file size, PPI and DPI?





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    Hi Raphael.  Excellent question.  A bit beyond the range of our little discussion group, but still apropos.


    Tony Gay recently posted a link to a -- imho -- very helpful group of lessons. 



    The first one really helps clarify just what a "pixel" is.  The second one begins to explain the relationship between pixels and bytes.  Did you happen to see it -- and if so, have you clicked through and read the lesson on pixels?  I ask because understanding what a pixel is, and what the relationship is between pixels and bytes, is central to any discussion of the size of digital images.


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    Thank you Kirby. No, I haven't but thank you for directing me to it; I will definitely read it.


    There is a whole range of decisions a photographer has to make that are dependent on a few key technical answers. One wrong turn and the investment in time and equipment is wasted.


    So this is VERY helpful.