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I use a mac mini  with OS X Lion server ( 10.7.4) with wiki server to serve up the webpages to multiple Ipads. On the wiki pages we attach PDF files , but when I open a pdf file in mobile safari , it gets sandboxed in the same window, this works fine, but if you want to return to the wiki page and use the back button, the wiki page freezes up. the only solution is to close the tab and open up a new one.  This is very annoying.


anyone any idea how to prevent this  ? \


edit " I have turned on the DEBUG in mobile safari and when returning to the original wiki page , after visiting a PDF file, it tells me : JavaScrpit : Error , unidefined SEURITY_ERR: Dom Exception 18: An Attempt was made to breack trough the securiy policy of the user agent

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7)