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My mother just purchased an iPad from a Target store as there are no Apple Stores near her. The Target employee told her Target "isn't allowed" to sell AppleCare, but instead gave my mother 45 days during which she can purchase a Target warranty (I'm sure it's from some 3rd party warranty company) for $149. I just checked and Target sells AppleCare for iPad online for $80, but I suspect my mom would have trouble registering the product with Apple as per Apple's website AppleCare can only be added after an iPad purchase if the iPad is brought to a Genius Bar for inspection and verification of the serial number, etc.  I'm tempted to tell her to return the iPad to Target if it won't sell her AppleCare, and to have me buy her one and the warranty online from Apple, or at my local Apple Store, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if Target is full of crap, and if so, does Apple know what Target is claiming?

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    Target seems to be trying a shady deal here.

    I'd return the iPad to Target and buy from the Apple online store where you can purchase AppleCare + as part of the online sale.

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    Target is trying to pull a fast one by selling their own insurance. Return the iPad to Target, and then buy online. You can order Applecare along with the iPad from the website.

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    Yep, the online Target page for AppleCare says, "not sold in stores".


    But the requirement to purchase "AppleCare" from the Apple Retail Store with a Genius Bar appointment appears to apply to AppleCare+



    What Target is selling online appears to be AppleCare  (not the plus version).

    http://www.target.com/p/Apple-AppleCare-Protection-Plan-for-iPad-MC595LL-A/-/A-1 3027676


    From the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPad guide, "This comprehensive plan is available for all iPad models within their one-year limited warranty", which makes it seem like you can purchase it at any time within the first year (like from Target online) and still apply it to her iPad.  That sounds similar to AppleCare for a Mac which you can purchase at anytime within the first year warranty.



    So if you don't need the accidental damage coverage of AppleCare+, maybe AppleCare will do?

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    Thx for the detailed reply! I think that pretty much tells me what I need to know.

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    Cool.  It's nice that Apple added the ability to get accidental damage coverage (with AppleCare+), but it is kind of confusing to see both available from different sources.  In fact, I don't even see "regular" AppleCare for iPad on the Apple site, and I don't see AppleCare+ on the Target site.


    Hope she has fun with it though.  I sure love mine. 

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    January 2, 2013

    I am writing to inform you about the deceptive business practices which Target employees are practicing to sell extended warrantees to customers. Unfortunately I was a victim of their unscrupulous practices.

    Let me begin by saying that I am a single mother, raising 3 children on my own. My eldest son has Autism. I was looking to purchase an Ipad for him to help with his communication and social skills. Other than price, my main concern when purchasing an Ipad was a replacement plan. Since my son would be using this on a daily basis, it would need to be replaced quickly if something should happen to it, so as not to upset his routine.

    On June 1, 2011, I had taken my son to the neurologist in Pensacola, Fl and we had spoken about the benefits of Ipads with Autistic individuals, and I decided that it really would be a benefit for my son. After the doctor’s appointment, I took my children to the Target that was located right down the road from the medical office. The sales associate in electronics was a young man and he seemed very pleasant and eager to help me with my purchase. I told him the reason I wanted an Ipad, what I was looking for, and asked him specifically about warrantees and replacement plans. The employee told me that for an additional fee, Target offered their replacement plan on electronics, and if something should happen to the Ipad I would call the 800 number, and then they would send me a package to return the Ipad to them, upon receipt of the Ipad they would mail me a gift card for the original amount I paid for the item and I could return to a Target store and purchase a new Ipad. ( I told him that I knew Best Buy had a replacement plan available where I could take a broken Ipad in and exchange it for a new one. ) I asked to see the plan, and he handed me a small packet for a 2 yr replacement plan. I opened up the packet, and read indeed that it did say replacement. When the salesperson rang up my purchase, the first time he tried to scan the plan, it wouldn’t take it. He tried it a couple of times and them called for assistance. Another associate came over, and told him that the plans were based on value of the product, so there was a separate card for tablets, laptops, etc. and got him the ‘correct’ one. This time it scanned in fine. I was a little concerned that the price of the plan was $149.99 in addition to the $699.99 I had paid for the item itself, but the associate assured me that if anything happened, it really was a good investment and I could send the broken item back, get a gift card and buy a brand new Ipad. Besides, if I was going to be investing in this for my son, I really need the assurance of quick replacement if something should happen. I paid for my purchase, put the receipt and service plan in the Ipad box and was anxious to get my son started on his Ipad.

    Unfortunately last month the Ipad screen was broken. I was upset that my son’s Ipad was broken but very glad that I had purchased the replacement plan at the time. So, on December 28, 2012 I went online to the internet address listed on the plan packet and filled out all of the information abut the damage to send the broken Ipad back and expedite the product return and replacement. A little while later I received an email from Warranty Logistics stating that they would send me labels and packaging to ship the item back and then it would be another 4-5 days for typical repairs but they would call me if it would be longer.

    I immediately called the company and told them that this was not what the employee had sold me. I definitely asked if it was a replacement plan and the Target employee assured me it was, I even checked the packet before purchasing (not remembering that he actually had to ‘switch’ to the ‘correct’ replacement plan to scan it). The service rep at Warranty Logistics told me that they do not offer ANY replacement plans on the Ipads. I was informed that they would repair it, they didn’t know how long it would take and that was all that they would do. My problem is I NEVER would have purchased a repair plan! I do not want it repaired. I want it replaced, which is what I thought I was buying before the employee pulled the ‘bait and switch’ sales tactic.

    I was FURIOUS, and I still am. This is NOT what I was told I was purchasing. Target employees are intentionally deceiving customers and essentially stealing from them… they are taking money and offering a product which does not exist and are substituting a repair plan for a replacement plan at a ridiculous cost. I NEVER would have purchased this item from Target. I would most certainly have purchased the Ipad and replacement plan from Best Buy (located nearly across the street) if the sales person has not deceived me!

    I have made several calls to my local Target Store, to the Warrantee Center and to Target Customer Service 800#. My son is very upset about his Ipad being broken and I am getting no help from anyone at Target who is willing to do the honorable thing and provide honest service.

    Just this morning I have called three local Target stores and spoke to sales associates in the Electronic’s Department to inquire about purchasing an Ipad and a replacement plan. Two of the three associates I spoke with offered me the $119.99 Replacement plan and told me that if something happened, you just call the 800#, return the item and they send you a gift card. I am documenting the associated names, times I called and store locations. Target employees are offering this plan which according to the Warranty Logistics does not exist, and are selling an inferior service plan under false pretenses to unsuspecting consumers! Something needs to be done about this.

    I just finished speaking with Derek, The Supervisor of Target Guest Services in the Minneapolis headquarters who informed me that apparently there is a lack of training with their employees. However, he has no intention of doing anything to correct my situation. He does not feel Target has any obligation to correct the deception of their employees. Buyer Beware because Target does not train their associates and they can say what they want and do what they want and as long as Target has your money, too bad for you!




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    Thats why I always buy my extended agreements through Apple.

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    Actually, applecare plus is available at the Target Mobile (where they sell cell phones) kiosk for $99.  TARGET took over their cellphone kiosk in April, it had previously been run by radio shack.  Applecare plus for ipads and iPhones is available at the kiosk only, at the time of purchase, for $99.  You will have to make your ipad purchase at a time when the kiosk is staffed, they are not yet open for full target hours. Check your local store.


    Most electronics department team members are not aware that applecare is available at the target mobile Kiosk. They are learning.  Be sure to inquire at the kiosk for applecare plus.  The cellular representative should be wearing a black top, not red.


    Target team members may simply be unaware that the Target Mobile kiosk offers applecare plus, as they are a somewhat separate entity from the electronics department as a whole.

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    IF you bought the Apple Care + from an Apple store, ( as I have experienced this with my Ipod Touch 4th gen ), Apple Genius Bar will replace the ' iPod Touch ' with a new one.

    I asked the question, Why does this iPod Touch come in a plastic bag and not a box? Apple Genius Bar CSR said, " it has been recertified from Apple, Apple Certified '' .. " it is newly referbished with NEW parts from Apple, done by Apple, therefore it is NEW "


    There you go.


    So, Target, probably sends it to Apple.. your iPad.. but sends you a ' referbished from Apple ' one back to you.. as the repair facility probably has replacement Apple Recertified iPads ect. on hand to send to you.


    The same thing happend to my mothers iPhone5 after the sound did not work within the first 2 months. My mother got her iPhone5 exchanged from the Apple Store Genius Bar CSR in a different box then the one the iPhone5 came in.


    My iPod Touch 4th gen was shiney and looked perfectly new in that plastic bag


    I believe Warrmart also deals with the same inusrance company as Target. I am not sure. "Warranty Logistics " name looks familuar .


    With Wallmart, on my purchace of a mini laptop ' Acer ', the Electronics Department offered me this ' Accidental Damage Warranty ' with my purchace of the Acer laptop. ( I believe these warranties are through Square Trade ).

    When I had a cracked screen on the Acer, calling Wallmart, and the Warranty phone number, the CSR for the Warranty Department claimed I had to ' INCLUDE MY RESTORE CD's " which the laptop did NOT come with. Therefore, I had to call ACER to purchace the ' Windows 8 restore CD/Thumbdrive' that cost $25-$50 in order to send in the laptop for a screen replacement to the warranty department from Wallmart.

    I ended up calling Wallmart Corperate office, 4-5 days later, I had authorization to call the store Manager on the topic, then was able to get a ' Store Credit Gift Card ' NOT a refund. (it was 8 months after the purchace ).


    -- The point is, these stores offering there ' Warranty ' of whatever sort, is hard to deal with. You have to be sure on what is going on when you buy these warranties. Do yourself a favor, call the warranty department and ask questions on the first week of purchace to find out what the terms are and what is going to happen if you need to deal with them.


    -- Apple CAN give you an Apple Certified product after 2 weeks of your purchace.. ( the return policy period ) This has been told to me personally by a Genius Bar CSR in the Apple Store Irvine Spectrum, Ca.


    -- You CAN ask to speak to a store manager ( which you should do everytime you call an Apple Store, even to get through to the store " Store Manager " )  to offer you to come in and buy the Apple Care + even if you did not purchace it at there store. They might just do it.


    -- What stops you from buying the Apple Care + from Fry's Electronics? and then registering it online. ( 2-3 yrs ago, Fry's sold it to the public seperately for Macbook Pro. )


    As long as your happy with your purchace of an Apple Product, I'm sure Apple is happy aswell.


    The plus of buying Apple Care + is that you can go into an Apple Store, and get a replacement usually that day!