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I can't access Gmail on my Macbook or iMac. They both are connected wirelessly and I have tried Firefox and Safari. Right now it's only Gmail that I can't access but sometimes it's the whole Google domain.


I've got the correct DNS settings for my ISP as well as running Safari in 64-bit mode.


My Windows PC (on the same router as the Macs) connects to the Google domain fine.

Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.


    Looks like Gmail was 'down' several times earlier today (about 12 and 6 hours ago as I post this) according to user reports on downrightnow.com


    Screen shot 2012-05-25 at 6.16.34 PM.png

    Since your hardware is apparently working fine and you haven't updated or changed software configurations, often the only solution is to wait a few hours (while Google/Gmail diagnoses and fixes their problem) and try again.

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    Clear your browser cookies and/or


    See the #12 OnyX cache clearing routine here if your still having problems


    Step by Step to fix your Mac

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    Thanks for responses. I don't think that Gmail can be down as I can access it from my PC at the same time I can't access it from my Mac. Also, if it's down then it's down 24/7 on OSX!


    Clearing browser cookies and cache did not solve the problem, nor did clearing the cahce and doing a reboot with OnyX.

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    Are you trying to log into the same Google account on any computer?


    Are you logging out of Google?


    I remember giving a class once on how to setup a Google email account, it wouldn't let me make multiple accounts on the same machine, or from the same IP address when I switched machines.


    However Google search should work fine if your logged out.



    Only think I can thinkk of is you got malware on the PC and it changed the DNS settings on the router, working with the PC to divert your Google traffic elsewhere.


    I would reset the router, update it's firmware, make a new SSID and password, and then try with a single Mac, to work out the bugs, then the second Mac and finally roll up the PC last.


    WiFi security issues, at home and WiFi hotspots

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    I'm having the same problem. Unsurprisingly, it works fine in Chrome.

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    I am facing the same problem with firefox on my mac. Gmail works fine with chrome or safari but firefox. Not sure why

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    Hey try this, I was having the same problem until I cleared my history, cache n cookies on all of my browsers: Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Now I can access Gmail again. Pray this lasts

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    I had that too and it was only solved by by installing Chrome, which I like very much,I even decided to use it as my default browser. The translate function I use quite  often and it works very well.

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    Cleared cache again and it's back on Firefox. Don't use safari, so haven't checked that. Had to clear twice though.

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    I was pulling out my hair when I discovered the following:


    System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> Proxies


    then, just uncheck the Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS).


    Finnaly, it worked for me.