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I'm doing the sound of a feature in FCP X. I've already done the color grading. What I'd like to do is quickly apply my audio FX to the clips. Is there any way to do that? Video has presets, but I don't see that for audio.

I realize I can copy a clip and then PASTE EFFECTS but that also applies the coloring and everything else, which I don't want. I just want to paste two audio FX to the clips - Limiter and Remove High Frequencies.



  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 (115,500 points)

    I'm afraid not.

  • Scot Walker Level 3 (510 points)

    OK, thanks for the response, Tom.


    So what I'm doing now is I'm going clip by clip and:


    1. Select individual clip

    2. I have the FX panel open on the right

    3. I type in 'high' in the search field to bring up Remove High Frequencies

    4. I drag and drop it onto the clip

    5. I then click in the search field and type 'limit' and it brings up the Logic Limiter

    6. I then drag and drop that onto the clip

    7. I go up to the Inspection panel and adjust the Limiter and Remove High Frequencies paramters (db gain, etc).


    I repeat those steps for every single clip in a 2 hour feature.


    Please let me know if there are any tricks you know about (keyboard shortcuts?) that would make this faster.


    I think I'll send a feature request to Apple to allow me to create my own preset out of anything and then add that to the Keyword palette so I can easily select as many clips as I went in the Timeline and then simply click on a custom preset and it applies it to all those clips. That would save me a HUGE amount of time.


    I have no idea if that's a feature typically found in NLE apps.

    Thanks again.

  • fox_m Level 5 (5,030 points)

    ...It's already a feature...


    Select ALL of the clips you want to apply audio effects to. Find the audio effect you want to apply to all of those clips and just double click on the plugin! All of the selected storyline clips will have that effect applied. You can then (while all the clips are selected) select one of the presets from the preset drop down from the Effect Inspector of the Audio pane, or open the plugin (click on the small icon by the "reset" arrow) and create a custom setting. All currently selected clips will receive the same settings. It couldn't be any easier.

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    I don't think he wants a preset. He wants a custom setting. Admittedly he should apply all the effects as you describe to all the clips before going in to make his custom settings on each clip.

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    It doesn't matter - preset or custom - either way (I included both), it can be done. One of my biggest gripes about FCPX is that no other effect has a way to Save user settings as a preset -- but you CAN with ALL the Logic Audio plugins!!! (which is actually pretty killer -- great timesaver.)

  • Scot Walker Level 3 (510 points)

    Great! Thanks. :)

  • Scot Walker Level 3 (510 points)

    What I still don't see is the abilty to save multiple audio FX as a single preset. While being able to select multiple clips and then apply the Limiter audio FX to it saves me time from what I was doing before (thank you for that tip), it would be great to be able to save all of the audio treatments on a clip as a preset and then easily apply that to multiple clips.


    Again, thank you for your time!

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    To save multiple audio effects as a "Preset", add a short audio clip to an event (start an event of Presets to hold different kinds of collections you'd like to keep handy.) Right click on the audio clip and "Open in Timeline". Add your audio effects (all of them.) You can go through each effect and create your standard starting settings. When you finish with that, go to any other project. When you need your "audio set", find your clip that you edited in its own timeline in the Event browser and select it. Copy. In your storyline, select the clips you'd like to apply your settings to, and "Paste Effects" (Command-Option-V).


    As for setting custom "preset" settings for individual audio effects, I believe the only effects you can do this with are the ones that are in the Logic sections of effects. For example: in Levels, scroll down to the section starting with Logic and select the Adaptive Limiter (it's a great limiter.) Open the plugin and create a custom setting. From its pane in the Audio panel of the inspector, there is a dropdown called Preset. At the very bottom of the dropdown is a Save Setting option. This is where you can save your custom setting. As far as I know, you can only do this with **Logic** plugins. So, if you use EQ, Levels, Reverb quite a bit - stay with those plugins. (There is no better reverb than Space Designer; Channel EQ and Linear Phase EQ.) [Another phenomenal compressor is Logic's Multipressor. And, Logic's MultiMeter is available as well, which is almost absolutely necessary for "balancing" audio - includes several built in meters including correlation, a goniometer, peak levels analyzer.] (I'm a Logic user, so I'm definitely going to be using the Logic plugins whenever possible. They are far superior from a user standpoint than any of the others. The Mac OSX plugins are similar to the ones you'll find in Garageband. I'm not all that familiar with the Final Cut plugins.)

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    The problem with Paste Effects is it does both audio and video, not either/or. So if I have already color graded my entire movie and I then start using Paste Effects, all my color grading goes out the window for each clip I use Paste Effects on. Or, in reverse, if I do sound first and then want to paste my video FX, I resets the audio. It's deeply flawed to have it paste both audio and video in a pro application, IMHO.


    I just tested this using your method where I only copy an audio clip that has no video. What FCP X does is it resets the video to default 0 when pasting effects copied from nothing but an audio clip.


    So a feature request would be to be able to paste only AUDIO or only VIDEO or BOTH.


    The Logic preset ability is great, however what I'd like to do is be able to set up a Preset for all my Video FX and all my Audio FX. I'm using two or three Logic audio fx on each clip. I need to go through a scroll list for each effect on each clip.


    So in one scene of a movie, I may have audio FX of Cathedral, Limiter, AUHighShelfFilter. I have parameters of each of those set for that specific scene. I should be able to save all of those into a preset and call it "Scene 9 at Robb", which is scene 9 and the camera setup that is pointed at the actor Robb. I should be able to select all those clips in that scene that are that setup and then select that preset and have them all get those three audio FX set to those parameters.


    I'm editing a feature that has 68 scenes and multiple camera setups per scene.


    Being able to copy just the audio or video FX and pasting one of those, versus both, would solve my problem.

  • fox_m Level 5 (5,030 points)

    Detach Audio and select the audio clips before Paste Effects, you'll only paste the audio effects into audio clips.


    PS: neither one of Cathedral, Limiter, or AUHighShelfFilter are *Logic* effects. Cathedral and "Limiter" are Final Cut effects and anything beginning with AU is an Mac OSX effect (basically a garageband effect.) If you scan through the audio effects, you'll see that each category has (usually, not always) 3 different sections. The top section is (usually) Final Cut, the middle section is Logic and the bottom (3rd) section is Mac OS X. If you have other AU plugins from third parties, their sections will appear as well, usually at the bottom end of the effect browser. For example: I have Logic and several third party "inserts" - Blue Cat Audio, IK Multimedia (amplitube3), Native Instruments (Absynth 5 FX and Reaktor 5 FX, which gives me access to my Prism FX plugin), TAL - Togu Audio Line Vocoder II. So, it is possible to expand the audio plugin possibilities in FCPX.