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Hi everyone,


Yes, how?





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    There is no way in Aperture to rate Projects.  Therefore you can't group or sort Projects by rating.


    You can (iirc) sync Smart Albums, in which case you might find creating a Smart Album (perhaps of 5-star images from the last 12 months) and syncing that Smart Album meets your needs.

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    Apologies. I meant sync'ing only the highest rated images. Because why would I wnat to carry the rest of them on my iPhone?

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    Then you would want to take Kirby's suggestion regarding making a Smart Album of 5 star images and syncing that.

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    Thank you guys for your responses.


    And...I tried that; but when I create a smart album within a project and check the smart album box, box boxes - the smart album's AND the project's get checked and I end up in the same place with every image sync'd.


    I would have to create a snmart album outside the relevant projects and create keywords to make sure they end up there, plus the number of folders of all kinds in my Library Inspector would double. Not elegant.


    Am I missing something?

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    You can make smart album outsude of project .

    It enumulates all of high-rated images in your library.

    Then you can spec within the smart album in iTunes .

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    I pretty sure the default configuration contains a 5-star Smart Album, like so:



    If you don't have one, just make one.


    Then in iTunes, with your Device selected in the sidebar, click on the "Photos" tab, and set it to "Sync Photos from Aperture", and check the Smart Album:



    This does not cause any other containers to be checked.  The "minus" sign at "Library Albums" indicates that at least one sub-item but not all sub-items are checked.


    Note that Smart Albums can have their Source set to different containers.  This is easy to overlook: it's near the top of the Smart Filter HUD.  In this screenshot I'm showing a Smart Album whose Source is set to "Library", but it is in a Folder named "**Simmering**".  I could click "**Simmering**" and limit the source of the Smart Album to just those Images that are inside the Folder "**Simmering**".



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