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In Aperture 3 I am creating a book and I want to get some friends to proof my pages with text before I print the 64 page book, How do I send it to my friends who do not have aperture? I want them to see the pages with text.

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  • léonie Level 10 (91,124 points)

    One way to do it would be to print your finished book to pdf and to send your friends the pdf-file.


    Select your Book in the Library Inspector, select "File -> Print Book";

    Press the PDF-Button, select "Save as PDF" from the drop down menu.


    The resulting file may be quite large; so don't send it by email; either send it as CD or as a thumbs drive, or upload it somewhere.



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    Go with Leonie's suggestion but if file size is more important than image quality; open resulting pdf in Preview choose the export option and select "reduce file size" the difference will be dramatic both in quality (poor!) and file size (email friendly).