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why the news reports come the old address? apple id in the settings set to a different address.

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    the messages from "find my phone" comes to my old email too... Where can I to change email for notice "find my phone" services?

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    An Apple ID is in most cases an Email (Or was when your set it up)

    That email could be one that you no longer use or have access to - such as changing ISPs


    Use this Link to My Profile Support then Login and then change the Email Only.

    I have done this to have my Account here send the emails to a different Email as the Dial-Up account eamil that this account is based on is something I want to drop.


    There is also the Apple ID Support Login (Chose Manage account) which also allows you to change some items

    Apple IDs linked to iCloud and older @mac.om or a MobileMe issued @me.com cannot have the Apple ID bit changed.


    I would guess that either in the Apple Support ID spot you have an newer email listed as well as the ID email or that in the first link you have changed the email to something new (new = later than the ID was set up)







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