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Pamela Gadsden Level 3 (950 points)

I updated to 10.6.1 and suddenly it took 15 hours to download a TV show to my desktop!

Now not even apps  download (error 3253) so I uninstalled iTunes and tried to install a fresh download and got a further surprise " this download cannot be read(not a windows 32 bit program)" and the download failed.

I went from an iTunes install that functioned poorly to one that, with the update, functioned not at all.

Just to add to the fun I ran the diagnostic before I uninstalled the previous copy and the internet connection was fine!

Also, updating Safari on my computer went just fine and in less than 30 seconds (FiOS).


This seems to be an escalating argument between Win7 and iTunes and I just want to it to stop.

How do I download and install the 64 bit version and get my library back with no more hassles.


I have Win7 64 bit on the desktop, my laptop (also Win7 64 bit) an iPad2 are unaffected by this problem so if you needed more proof that it's not the router set up, in addition to what the diagnostic said, there it is.


Need solution!

Windows 7