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Is there a way to reset Siri. Honestly I don't think this will fix my issue but I have tried everything else. The situation is this - when I ask Siri to call my wife it says it replies - which wife; first name last name OR first name middle name last name? Now, I don't have more than one entry for my wife in my contacts. Clearly something got stuck. I need to know how to reset that. I have turned on and off Siri, turned off and on my icloud contacts. removed and readded my wifes contact. Still no. Ideas?



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    I have the same problem, I ask Siri to call my mother and asks me which one **name** or **name**, the problem is she says the exact same name, for some reason Siri has duplicated my mothers contact info and now asks me every time making it difficult to place the call hands free, hope someone knows how to resolve this issue.