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I am creating a book with Aperture.  The Dust Jacket Back Flap has become white, and yet I am using black as the background colour.  All other pages are black.  Can anyone help me with this problem please?

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    The colors for the dust jacket depend on the theme. What theme are you using?


    Have you tried to set the background for the Dust Jacket Back Flap separately, like here?



    Usually the background of the back flap will be the same as the background of the title page. If I change the background of the cover, the backflap will change as well.




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    Hi leonieDF

    Thanks.  I am using Modern Lines Extra-large hardcover.  The title page and front flap do have a black background, that's what is puzzling me.  The colour choice is ticked black.  I'm sure the back flap was originally black.

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    O.k. I tried it with your theme - works well here - on Lion and Snowleopard. What is your Aperture version? I just installed the latest update Aperture 3.2.4.


    Have you done any trouble shooting? Whenever I find that settings that I do apply have no effect, I usually try the "Aperture Library First Aid" tools and fix the permissions or repair the library (to start the "First Aid Tools" hold down the options-key while you launch Aperture. Then select to repair the permissions.)


    A second possibility may be that Aperture's GUI seems to be unresponsive because your User Preferences are locked or corrupted. Then it would help to remove the User Preferences to the Desktop; see here:

    Aperture 3: Troubleshooting Basics: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3805; see the paragraph "Delete the user preferences"


    1. Quit Aperture.
    2. In the Finder choose Go to folder from the Go menu.
    3. Type       ~/Library/Preferences
      in the "Go to the folder" field. Press the Go button.
    4. Remove the "com.apple.Aperture.plist" file from the Preferences folder.





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    Hi Leonie DF

    Thanks for your help, but still no luck.  I have Aperture 3.2.2 but am too much of an amateur to even attempt to upgrade.  Terrified of losing everything.  R

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    Terrified of losing everything.  R

    Then  make sure you have a working backup of your Aperture library.


    Quit Aperture and duplicate the Aperture Library in the Finder and make sure the Aperture Library is included in your regular Time Machine Backup. 


    Then try the Firtst Aid options on the copy of your Aperture Library.


    Another thing to try: When you select your Book (in Aperture) in the Library Inspector pane, ctrl-click and select "Duplicate Book". Then you can experiment with the copy of your book, if you are afraid to loose your work. If the back plap looks white, maybe you have accidentally added a picture box with white content that is now occluding the black background?

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    Yep, did all that, duplicated everything!  And run all the First Aid options.  Think I have done something stupid.  I originally deleted all the text/photo boxes on the flap.  When I add a photo box to cover the whole flap, the words 'photographer' come up at the bottom.  That was in one of the original text boxes which I thought I had deleted.  Thing is, no amount of clicking on the flap does a thing.  R

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    are you in "Edit Layout" mode, when you try to remove the white background? I think, I now know how you managed to turn the flap white:



    In "Edit Layout" mode you should see this page-sized frame, when you click on the background and click the "Bring forward" button. If you accidentally delete this background frame, you will see a white background, like below.


    Unfortunately, I still have to figure out, how to bring this background frame back. As a workaround: create a photo box sized like the flap and insert it behind the text and picture.




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    Try to print your book to pdf - only page 2- and check this out: I just noticed that even when the flap looks white in the pages viewer, the printed pdf actually has the correct background color


    So the bug seems to be in the viewer and not in the actual output.


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    Your patience is commendable!  One last try.  This is what I did (I see now) - Edit layout, add photobox, drag photo in, then drag next photo in edit layout, without adding photo box - photo goes in as background.  Realise my mistake, delete, and background becomes white with original photo (in photo box) still there.  When I delete that photo and box, whole page becomes white.  Bingo!  R