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My iPhone 4 was working perfectly until about an hour ago when I received an error message stating I have no sim. I restarted the phone several times with no luck. Then I restored all settings through the iPhone with no luck until I turned my phone off for 3 mintues and upon turning it back on (I was unable to reset the phone because I have no computer back up and no WiFi because of the no SIM) the tmobile signal appeared. I was able to connect to wifi to reset my phone which it is in the processes of doing. But after 5 minutes the NO SIM appeared where tmobile appeared. I am in Austria for another 3 weeks and this is my only connection back to home and I am not even able to contact someone to tell them what is happening. If anyone has ANY solutions that does not involve going to an ATT store (my phones original carrier) to replace the SIM card since I am not capable to do so it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time