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I have an ipad 3 that is two months from the date of purchase tomorrow.  I have it in a sturdy front/back case.  Today, in my air conditioned house, I was reading news on the ipad when before my eyes the screen cracked.


I have bought apple care + but it irritates me that I must pay $49 (and use one of my 2 covered incidents) when I don't feel I did anything wrong.


I spoke with Applecare and they told me that it's not covered.  I asked if they never have any design or mfg errors?  It's always user error?  They said it's not covered but I could bring it to an apple store and if they agree that it was a mfg flaw (and how do I convince them of that?) then it MAY be covered. 


Very disappointed Apple customer.  I realize some people would lie so it's hard to separate what's covered and what's not.  At the same time, thank goodness I bought Applecare.  Otherwise, I've owned this product for just shy of 2 months and watched the glass crack before my eyes while reading the news and their response is pretty much "tough luck." 


Anyone else had this?  Gotten it covered under the standard warranty rather than applecare?



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