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so i'm trying to buy a 2nd hand macbook, right now i've found two deals, with similar price, one being a 2009 macbook pro the other being a 2010 macbook air.
the pro has the polycarbonate unibody while the air has the aluminum uibody.


so i'm kinda confused on which one would be a better choice.
would the air run better since it's a newer model, or the pro because it's a pro.


i'll be using it for some video/photo editing, Xcode, autocad, and normal taks like web surfing.


Note: i've already done some research, but i can't find anything comparing air and pro from different years

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    (since i can't figure out how to edit my original post)

    For the air the model no says A1304, isn't that a 2009 model?

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    If it's polycarbonate, it's a plain ol' MacBook, not a Pro. js.


    As far as what works best on which computer, there's no definitive answer. I've seen people say they need a dedicated graphics card for CAD, and I've seen people say it works fine on the Air. You'll have to post more info about the computers!

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    Depends on your need and wants.


    MBA has built in RAM and SSD that can't be upgraded so you're stuck with what you get.


    MB can be upgraded in both memory and hard drive.


    Also, since the MB Air has no optical drive, you must purchase one if you need it.


    Since you'll be using it for some CAD and videos, stick with the MB.


    PS. Your MB is not a Pro.

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    ic, so the sellor proably typed it in by accident or something

    for the macbook, the listed spec are:


    250GB HD

    2GB RAM


    and the air just says model A1304

    (can someone please confirm what year model A1304 is? my research says it's 2009, but the sellor keeps saying it's 2010)


    i don't really like the fact that the macbook is polycarbonate, but it's spec are better than the air...

    and for the SD card reader, i'm looking at the tech spec from apple's if it's a 2010 model, it has the reader, but if it's  2009, then it doesn't

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    If you don't like the White Macbook, and you're not in such a rush to get one.  Look around for a Uni that might be $100 to $200 more that has more RAM and larger hard drive than the White MB you're looking at.


    Nothing really much wrong with the white MB.  Just a little fragile around the corners.  Other than that, it's still a fine notebook.

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    i'm not really loking to spend that much, if i add another 100 or so, i might as well get the mac mini, since it'll be at the same price and way better specs

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    Ok....Well, in my opinion, get the white one if you need processing power and future upgrades.


    The mini is nice if you'll just use it for home or office.

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    that's what i'm thinking now; just got off the phone with the air's sellor, turns out it's a 2009 model (which i don't want).
    i'll probably end up buying the macbook if the sellor is willing to lower the price a bit


    thanks for the opinions guys, greatly appretiated

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    The only bad thing about the MB is that the casing tends to crack and splinter under regular usage, so make sure this one is in good condition before you commit to anything! But yeah I would recommend the MB over the MBA just because you can replace and upgrade parts, which is something you'll definitely have to do since these computers are both old models.

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    Have a look at the white one to see what condition it's in.

    If it's in mint condition, might be hard to haggle with the seller.

    But if there are a couple of imperfections, then you might have bargaining power.

    In my case, I always go and see the seller with cash on hand and offer him a little less than his asking price.

    Once people see's the cash and know's you're serious, he'll usually accept what you offer him as long as it's not too far off than his asking price.  Unless it's a must sell quick then you have bargaining power.

    Good luck..