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Ok  so a few days ago I bought two untested iBooks labeled as g4's but ended up being g3's some questions


1 how hard are they to kill. (do you think they are DOA??)

2 how long do the hard drives last and do you think I will have to replace them soon

3 only one of the computers has ram (not really a question but [ if I do upgrade what ram card should I get])

4 both computers do NOT have airport cards can I get wireless another way?

5 both of them look kinda different. One has a clear shell around the screen and the other is solid white and the keyboard look different. One is clear white and the other is almost a solid white does that mean anything?

6 one of them the disk drive door (the thing that pops open) dosent stay closed why?

7 what programs can I run on these?

8 if I get a external hard drive....what size and kind do I get?

9 if they have a operating system what is the best to update too?

10 both battery's are dead...(power wise--I am still waiting for a charger to come in). Will the iBook g4 battery fit because I have heard good things about it compared to the g3 battery

11 can I connect my iPod touch 4g to it?

12 if I need a new keyboard will a g4 keyboard work?

13 for the Bluetooth to work do I need a airport card?

14 is the computer going to be slow?

15 I payed around $31 for both did I get ripped off?



I am sorry about the long post

If you need pictures plz tell me

iBook, Two g3's.
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    A lot of good questions here, I'll do my best to answer some of these and maybe others will help enlighten us further.


    1. Don't understand what's meant by that, the life expectancy of an iBook depends on it's treatment.

    2. Hard drives can last up to 8 year with continued daily use, but depends on the usage and treatment. If it's working fine, then why replace? Unless you require lager capacity.

    3. Fitting RAM depends on the maximum the unit will take. If it's a G3 then 512 I believe is the max you can add.

    4. Yes you can use a USB wireless dongle on both units, but make sure it's compatible with your version of Mac OS X installed on your iBook

    5. Yes, one is a later model than the other. The whiter is a later 800mhz or 900mhz unit around 2002-2003. While the more milky clear iBook is 2001.(500 Mhz to 800Mhz)

    6.Could be a number of reasons, more than likely it's due to the metal plating above the drive door that has come away and blocking the door from closing. These are easily broken when the unit is taken apart. 

    7. Programs depend on the version of Mac OS X, if it's the maximum version it will handle which is 10.4.11 then it's dependant on the application, but mostly office, web, graphics based applications. You can download some apps from from web browsers to unility software.

    8. You can use any external drive I believe (Don't think the OS restricts the size in any way)

    9. Best would be tiger 10.4.11 and the most a G3 iBook would handle.

    10.Yes I believe they are the same wattage and will fit the G3's. The only difference is the feet color (brown being G3 and gray being G4)

    11. You wont be able to sync an iPod touch with 10.4 version of iTunes, but it will charge it and may allow you to download any pictures.(If it see it as a digital camera)

    12. I don't think the G4 connectors fit on a G3 iBook keyboard (I may be wrong here)

    13. Don't think a G3 iBook comes with Bluetooth??? A Bluetooth dongle via USB would work fine if compatable drivers for Mac.

    14. Depends on what's installed and how much memory it has. Most case I've never found a problem with my G3 iBook running 10.4.11. (Tiger)

    15. No, not if they are both working units and in ok condition, That sounds like a deal. Seen them go for more than that on eBay.


    I hope this help.

    If you need further details let me know.


    Good Luck with your iBook's

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    That helped a great bit! I'm thinking that I will use one for parts.... The older g3 is actually a 600mhz and the newer is a 800.   I hope all parts are interchangeable


    I wish I could get iTunes to work for my iPod...

    Another question: will YouTube work on it?

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    Sorry about the double post but I couldn't find a edit button   . What do I do if the old owner left a password on???

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    And also what would be better ---- to get a airport card...or to get a USB thing   I'm kinda thinking the USB thing because I can get one for the N router I have at my house. But it takes up a USB port that I may need for the external hard drive

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    How durable an iBook is depends greatly on how it is used and how much care is taken in its use.


    Rule of thumb is a hard drive gets rather "iffy" after three years if the iBook is used a great deal. If only used occasionally, the hard drive can last much longer.


    Here is the link to the iBook RAM guide:


    Original AirPort Cards (used and/or refurbished) are available at reasonable prices if you would rather use an original AirPort Card than a dongle.


    All parts are not interchangeable (one's logic board won't work in the other).


    An iBook G4 keyboard will NOT work with an iBook G3.


    Most iBooks are 12-inch, but some are 14-inch. If one is a 12-inch, and the other is a 14-inch, then about the only thing that is interchangeable is the charging adapter.


    An iBook G4 battery will work in an iBook G3 (Dual USB) as long you be sure to order a 12-inch battery for a 12-inch iBook or a 14-inch battery for a 14-inch iBook. No matter what you've heard, in the case of a battery for an iBook, size does matter.


    is the computer going to be slow?


    "Slow" is a relative term. It depends on what you are comparing it to. It's not going to win any prizes for speed at this point, since it's over ten years old. Comparatively small (and old) hard drives, slower processors, and limitations on RAM all serve to slow down these little old iBooks.


    YouTube can be problematic, since it didn't exist when these iBooks first came on the market. Macology's tutorial may help:



    I have found these tips for YouTube to be helpful as well:


    1. Sometimes Firefox works better than other browsers for viewing YouTube videos.
    2. Find the YouTube video you would like to view in Firefox.
    3. Restart the iBook. (This clears the RAM, so the total RAM is available for viewing YouTube clips.)
    4. Launch Firefox (and don't have any other applications running).
    5. Go to History in the menu bar. Click on the YouTube video you want to view from History.
    6. Use the Stop button on the YouTube player, and allow the video to load completely (watch the red progress bar fill up) before trying to view the video.
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    I hope system discs of some sort are included in your purchase. (They should be.) You can use the Install disc to reset the password.

  • Ronda Wilson Level 8 (41,205 points)

    I would recommend an external FireWire drive. I've never used a USB drive because FireWire is so much faster.


    Your router should be backward-compatible with the 802.11b standard used by the original AirPort Card. If it isn't, here are a couple of choices:




    So, it's your decision what you think would work best for you.

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    Ok no startup/restore disks came.... But I may pick up a set (I hope)

    For web browser I think I may use camino

    As for my wireless situation I'm still weighing the options here

    1 airport card

    Pros: dosent take up a USB slot

             Is what would have came with it so I know it would work

             Not that much $$$

    Cons: even though Internet is backwards compatable if I get a N dongle for my N router it may be faster

              The airport cards are as old as the find a brand new card may be hard ( then again do they really go bad?)

    2 wireless dongle

    Pros: may be slightly faster

    If it some how dosent work with my iBook I can give it to my mum or pops

    Not really pricy


    Cons: takes up a USB port

    I would have to find one for whatever os x I have

    May need extra drivers that will take up space

    Good ones can be pricy



    So yeah I'm weighing the options


    As for internal hard drive.  If I see one should I buy it? Because if mine starts to go I'm probably going to get a new one

    I've heard of people using external hard drives as primary.....I don't want to do that because I couldn't imagine having a external drive that size to HAVE to connect every time and to keep connected


    FireWire:  is FireWire standerd or will I have to find (for ex: FireWire 1 or FireWire 2)??


    As for interchangeable parts.  I should have been more clear about what I meant

    Will all g3 parts fit another g3

    I read somewhere that the g4 keyboards would fit but I will check up on that

    I'm trying to get a computer running so I don't have to do everything on my iPod

    And I'm 15-(16 in the beginning of June) trying not to spend a ton of money

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    P.S.  I got my ram card info.


    Sorry I wrote this in notes on my iPod so it may come out weird





    Ram: pc133s_333_542


    128mb sync 133mhz cl3

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    Most part of a G3 will fit another G3 for sure. The only thing to be mindful of is the case color and screen size. (Mismatched parts don't always look to good) If one is a 14 inch and one 12 inch the parts wont fit including the keyboard as the cable is a lot longer in a 14 inch than 12 inch.


    If you computer has 128 Pc133 then you can increase this to 640 Megs. That's an increase of 512 Meg can be installed under the keyboard. The iBook already comes with a 128 meg built-in.

    You will need a 512 Pc133 14 pin and range in price. Best to shop about online if you can or on eBay.


    Be mindful of the size of the FireWire port. It's a bit like the USB sizes now. The later Macs have a small port compared with the old iBook, so you need the correct lead for you external drive. I don't think it matters to much about if it's FireWire 400 compliant, it more relates to the read speeds like that of USB 1.0 and USB 2.0.


    Personally I don't use FireWire despite the fact that FireWire devices have better read/write speeds in some cases than that connected to a USB port.

    But USB devices seem to be  alot cheaper in price where I live.


    Bets of Luck.

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    Hey that helped!!  

    Both of the iBooks I got (my parts one and the one I think will work) are 12 in  the main differences between the two I have are thine has clear peices where the Other has white.

    Good news is I found out that it has a 60gb hard drive!

    Also I would like to know what FireWire mine has

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    Your 600 will be a milky color, while your 800 is more white in color. Most parts will be interchangeable including keyboard. I doubt a 60GB hard drive was standard at the time the iBook was first brought, so it had to have been changed at some stage in it's life. Which is good news and gives you more space.

    Your iBook would have a FireWire 400 port.

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    Ok so one of the iBooks dosent have a ram card.....will it work without it?

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