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I want to transfer some of my aperture photos to my daughter's ipad.  When I transferred them to a SD disk, they did not show up in the import area on her iPad. The photos she took with the card do show up to be imported on her iPad, but the ones I added do not.  I tried importing to the SD disk main area, to the DCIM menu, and to the Panasonic menu under the DCIM.  They could not be imported to the ipad with these three ways.


We were able to work around it be adding them to her laptop (windows) and then transferring them to her ipad thru iTunes.  There was no problem importing them to her laptop.


Is there some way to do import directly into ipad from files in aperture by adding them to a SD or CF disk?  They were originally taken with a CF card.  I added them to aperture, made changes in the photos, and then exported the edited versions to her SD card.


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    Karen -- Apple doesn't want you to be able to use the Camera Connection Kit to transfer files.


    From the Apple page iPad: Using the iPad Camera Connection Kit:

    Only device-created files are supported. If you copy files from another device or manually edit or rename files on the digital camera or SD card, the iPad may be unable to detect and import these images or videos.

    I would ask on the iPad discussion forum (that the files are being exported from Aperture makes no difference: you want to know how to transfer files to your daughter's iPad from your computer using (presumably) the Camera Connection Kit, or, barring that, something more direct than iTunes).


    I currently use the iTunes work-around, though I am likely to switch to a Dropbox file folder sync or something similar.  The iPad/computer/camera/iCloud/iTunes/Aperture/iPhoto nexus seems be entering its teen-age years: an exciting growth spurt, accompanied by confusion and some unexpected behavior.

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    Thanks for the reply.


    I will check out the iPad forum.  Sometimes Apple make things that should be easy very difficult.