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Not sure to many people realize it but Cloud Station for Mac is now avaliable. 


Cloud Station is very much like DropBox except it's under user control.  Unlike DropBox which your at the mercy of their servers and security.  I've been looking for an alternative for DropBox for several years now and Cloud Station completely fills the shoes of DropBox.  I have 2TB's of storage for a flat fee of $270 ($150 DS112j and $120 for 2TB WD Green HD) from Amazon for the life of the DS112 and drivej, pretty cheap for peace of mind that my sync'ed data is safe, more secure, and much more storage.  The only down fall is theft or fire, however there is a network service you can back to as well if you choose to do so (not me).  Only if Time Capsule had the same function.....dreaming.


Now to my question:


After installing Cloud Station client on my MacBook Air every time I restart my computer I have to open Finder to get the top menu bar.  I had read about a possible conflict with Cloud Station client and DropBox client and was wondering if anyone else with Cloud Station installed is experencing the same issue?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3), (Mid 2011) 13.3" 1.8GHz i7 256GB 4G
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    The latest update in the Synology Cloudstation client (mid Oct 2012) does indeed conflict with Dropbox upon startup. The conflict seems to happen when both clients try to index changes on the system at the same time. Upon startup, I stop the Synology one so Dropbox (which is more important for me) syncs its content. When it's done, I fire up the Synology client... The latter seems to be very buggy overall (unfortunately). It's in constant "sync" mode despite files already being sync'ed. Maybe Synology knows about this and is potentially fixing.


    If a bug was found with Dropbox, it's most likely they'd fix it instantly as DB's user base if far bigger compared to Synology's. It's clearly something Synology should take a look...

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    Just adding that I'm using the latest versions (as of this moment) of both Dropbox (1.4.17) & Synology's Cloud Station (1.1-2291) on a Macbook late 2008 (aluminum) model upgraded to 8GBs or RAM & a 512GB Crucial m4 SSD...