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I am backing up my iphoto library with Time Machine on a LaCie EHD. After backing up I follow this sequence to navigate to the library on the LaCie: LaCie > backupab > MacBookPro > Latest > MacHD > users > myself > Pictures > iphoto library. LaCie calculates the current size of the library but when I double click the library I get the message "the iphoto library is a time machine backup, and so cannot be used as the main library. Reopen iphoto with option key held down and choose another library." This message appears with a blue Quit button.

My questions are:

1) is the iphoto library being saved on the LaCie EHD. ?

2) if so, how do I access it?

3) if so, could I access my library using the LaCie on another computer?


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6), iphoto 9.1.1
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    1. Sounds like it is


    2. By restoring it. TM stores back ups in increments. To access the Library these increments have to be joined up to mke a library.


    3. Not designed for that purpose.


    There are other back up apps. DejaVu  for instance stores the back up in an accessible way. Search on 

    MacUpdate for other alternatives

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    Thanks for that incredibly quick reply.


    2) any advice on 'joining up increments'


    3) I remember an Apple Store rep telling me that in case my laptop were stolen, (this happened to me once), that they could retrieve data from my Time Machine backup EHD. Does this mean I need to manually backup iphoto library to another harddrive. ?



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    Joining segments. Simple. Launch TM and go to the date/time you ant to use, select the iPhoto library and click restore. You use TM to manage the backups


    You can also use TM to restore to a different Mac



    I suggest you watch the TM tutorials. It is good to know how the software you are using works.



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    As Larry says, Restoring is the process of joining up those increments.


    Yes you can restore from TM to a different machine. I thought you meant access the iPhoto Library within TM.