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Does someone know why the icloud service use above 1mb of data per day even if the icloud service is disabled?



I called the Apple support, the answer was not convincing. It is normal, increase your data plan if you reach the limit.


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iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    If your iCloud service is disabled, then you should not be using data on that service.  What makes you sure the 1 mb of data per day is from iCloud?

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    I installed dataman on the iPhone in order to be able to understand why I used so much data per day. this allows me to track by hours what application is using either wifi or cellular data.


    Application that use the most data are mail, push service and to my surprise iCloud service.


    The iCloud service uses from 50kb up to 150 kb per hours even if disabled.


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    I second this problem. I use Dataman Pro (can see amount of data each app uses) and noticed an EXCESSIVE amount of iCloud usage, even though all settings were to use WiFi only. Then I turned off all iCloud features. This did nothing to reduce the iCloud data usage. Then I logged out of iCloud so that iCloud could not possibly be syncing with anything. The data usage continues, about 1-3 MB per day, which causes me to turn off my cellular data for most of the month, making my iPhone completely pointless.

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    Hi all,


    I have this exact same problem. I went over my 500Mb data allowance one month this year and got very close on another. I downloaded the dataman pro app and get the same - 'icloud service' uses 3G data even though i am signed OUT of my icloud account on my iphone. I arrived back from being abroad today and within 20 minutes of turning my 3G back on it had used 20.3Mb. I also find 'push service' uses a few Mb's despite turning nearly all the notifications off and mail uses a few Mb a day even when i don't check my email from my iphone (which is set to fetch manually and not push email through).


    While annoying, a few Mb's a day from mail and push services can be lived with. But 20+Mb from icloud a day will eat up my allowance in no time. How can it use data when it is switched off?!?!?!


    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    This is the sort of issue that makes me very wary of this whole iCloud stupidity.  I bet that Apple will not pay anyones cell bills even though they are responsible for causing the data.  The network operators will be rubbing their hands with glee over issues like this.  It could make them MILLIONS a day. Scary...

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    Well Apple, what about some feedback on this !!!!!!!!

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    Well I finally solved the issue by purchasing a Samsung Galaxy SIII and returning my iPhone 4 to Samsung for $170. No more faulty data usage!!!

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    Iphone 3GS. updated to iOS 6.0.1 Friday. Data usage until then about 300MB


    Sunday Morning around 4am. Phone incredibly hot even though connected to charger and home Wifi network. Usage exceeds 3GB for month and extra 3.5GB. Total usage in 12 hours 6.5GB.


    Sunday afternoon after receiving message from AT&T about excess data, turned off Cellular Data and 3G and limited to only Wifi.


    Monday evening 2GB cellular data. Total data usage in 2 days 9GB????? W/T/F ???


    Even when 3G and cellular data is turned OFF, 2GB used up?


    Now, turned OFF Cellular data and Wifi and using it as a regular phone with texting and calling. Maybe will buy a regular phone and be done with all these useless charges. Someone should be held accountable here.



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    Clearly Aple do not care about these issues.  It's sad because Apple products are generally great.  But if you cannot get good support what is the point ???