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OK, I maintain a G3 in order to have a driver for my Personal Laser Writer, old but good.

It is hard-wired to our home network, AP Extreme, to which my G4 MDD and MacBook(and Dell) are connected

I use the G3 to print files which I download or create on the G4 and then transfer via Apple Talk to the G3.

Today I had problems with the network, none of the computers could see each other, finally resolved by rebooting cable modem and then the AP Extreme.

While this was going on I attempted to access the desktop of the MacBook from the G3 via Apple Share to IP address as usual. It hung up and eventually I had to power down. Then it wouldn't restart. I started with a Norton Utilities CD, did disk repair, nothing major, still wouldn't start. Finally started with extensions off, then Extensions Manager, turned off Apple Share and the G3 starts. But now when I turn Apple Share back on I can't connect to anything: to my G4 it says "no response from server";to my Macbook it says 'incompatible version of Apple Talk"

Without the ability to connect to other machines I can't transfer files and can't print and the G3 loses its purpose. Any thoughts?

Power PC G3, Mac OS 8.6 or Earlier
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    Norton Utilities


    It has well been known since Mac OS 8.1's release Norton Disk Doctor is Norton Disk Kevorkian.  Get it off your system.  It actually ruins more directories than it fixes.

    Finding a Mac OS 8.1 data recovery tool is very difficult these days.  I hope an old version of Alsoft Disk Warrior is available to you to at least fix Norton's problems.