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In system preferences, I have checked the "smb/windows" sharing option. I have selected all conceivable folders that I'd like to share — documents, desktop, music, videos, documents. The iMac is visible in the network panel of Windows Explorer in my Win 7 laptop. Still, when I try to access the iMac from the Network panel  I am only offered the option of entering the iMac's Public folders, which are empty.


How can I gain access to the files I want to share?

iMac Alum 20", Core 2 Duo, 2GHz, 3 GB / Macbook (2010), Mac OS X (10.6)
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    Open Finder and go to Macintosh HD > Users. Here, right click in your user account and click Get Info. Then, tick Shared Folder

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    Partial success: Now I can see the computer in the PC's sidebar (thank you!).


    But when I tried to open a folder I was told I did not have permission to access the computer.

    I went back to the Mac and made sure that all relevant folders had "read/write" permissions for anyone on the network. I restarted the computer.


    That seemed to set things a step backward: Now when I click on the MAC in the PC sidebar I'm told "Windows cannot access \\\IMAC1114BB. Check the spelling of the name or see if Windows can diagnose the problem with the network."


    That is not a name I chose for the computer, so I can hardly "check" the spelling. Diagnosing produced no answer.


    My end goal here is to set up iTunes sharing.

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    Never mind ... or hold off on answering. I rebooted my PC and now it's calling my Mac "New-Host-3" and I seem to have access ....

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    And ... now I'm back to no iMac visible on the PC.