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Any ideas on this...my Imac (2.16 Ghz. running system 10.6.8) has bee having difficulty in starting up (lost of hard drive noise and crawling to start up) lately and I have Drive Genius 3 as a diagnostic tool, so I ran "Repair" and "Verify Permissions" and came up with the message" Permissions Error : ARDAgent. app....I gathered some info on these boards to use the app Pacifist (V 3.0.2), to re-install the ARDAgent and it should clear up the problem...followed the plan, ran Verify Permissions in Drive Genius 3, which said it was repaired...I then ran Verify to confirm and came back with Verify Failed, Invalid Directory Count, should be 38 instead of 39, and should be 47 instead of 45...But am getting the same results when I run Drive Genius 3 which is the Volume is repaired, but the Verify has failed.... A real stumper...any ideas? Also just up graded to Firefox 12.0 which is when the slowdown started to appear...Thanks

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)