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    My iPhone 4S was snatched/stolen by thugs with no life today. I called the Police and it was already switched off. The good thing is that I had a Passcode which makes it difficult for these silly boys to access my data. Even the police tried to use Find My iPhone but this was not possible. I also called my service provider and they suspended my account with immediate effect, and they mentioned that as they have blocked the handset, no one can use it anymore. I wonder if this is possible because I believe thugs can do anything to use the phone again. Anywhere, I feel sorry because pple have to work hard to have good phones and some idiots just come and snatch your phone just like that. Its rather sad because the service provider will make you pay for the Line rental until you are due for another upgrade. Sadly, that I never bother to take any insurance though. I was left with six months to upgrade and I have to pay £278 until my upgrade is due in October 2013. I wonder if an IME can be changed by these thugs, if not, I assume one can locate their iPhone even if they are abroad, I might be wrong on this, advice on this if you can.

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    yes but its says the phone is off line

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    An iPhone that is offline cannot be located and the same if the iPhone is powered off at the time.


    If you didn't have the Passcode Lock feature enabled, the thief or person that found it can easily turn wi-fi and cellular data off on the device.

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