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Hi, I shot some movie on my camcorder. I had the camcorder at a right angle at the time. When I rotate it on imovie11 I am left with black borders either side. How can I remove these? I'd really appreciate some help asap with this as I am editing the project right now.... Thanks in advance!




Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    You can do this by selecting the Rotate, Crop, Ken Burns tool and selecting "Crop". You video clip will fill the screen, but the top and bottom of the clip will be cut off.  If you select "Fit", you will get the black borders, but you will see the whole clip.

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    Hi Thanks for helping me out here!


    I tried what you said but losing the top and bottom is losing too much. Unless anyone has any other magic ideas I am going to have to bin the project I think. It's my own stupid fault for holding the camera on it's side when there was no need to at all!



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    I just thought I'd bump this up in the tiny hope that maybe somebody might have worked out a fix for this?

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    Please - no offence - no irony in this at all - just bit of lack of phantasy (in my department). BUT


    If You don't like it scaled up to fill sideways and You don't want black borders.


    Is it stretched sideways You want . Short fat people and all scaled just sideways - or.


    What do You want and wherefrom would that information be retrieved that should fill the black borders ?


    What's not recorded can't be created magically as far as I know.


    So I guess that You need to explain much more how You think it should look and with what material it would be created.


    Yours trying to get a picture of this - Bengt W

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    Hey Bengt!


    I take no offence at all! In fact, you have explained very well that I am asking the impossible! I appreciate your reply. What I am going to do instead is get over it and learn to love the black borders!



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    In more advanced video editors one can put a picture as background and sort of frame the vertical video clip or make two video clips side by side to fill.


    May be one with skill in iMovie'08 to 11 also can do this but I'm lost over to FinalCut where this is easy (but initially learning and get confortable in FCE/P was quite a steap in-step in learning)


    Yours much happier to understand Your dilemma: Bengt W

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    iMovie assumes you will be watching the movie on a device in a 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. This covers almost all TVs and almost all computers. Also covers most iPads and iPhones.


    To watch a movie on your HD TV without any black bars, you would have to rotate your TV set 90 degrees, and most people do not want to do that.


    However, there are some legitimate uses for odd shaped movies. One example of this is a web page. You might want a 1 inch by 5 inch movie playing in the left margin of your web page for example. To do this, the best tool is Apple's QuickTime Pro Version 7. It is available from Apple's website for about $30.


    There is a QuickTime Pro discussion group here in Apple Discussions for detailed questions on QuickTime Pro.