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how transfer file from garageband mac to garageband iPad?

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    etno wrote:


    how transfer file from garageband mac to garageband iPad?



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    In answer to the question:


    how transfer file from garageband mac to garageband iPad?

    Transfering a file from Garageband on the Mac to Garageband in the iPad is not just a case of putting it in iTunes as a number of people seem to state.  The XML package which is the Garageband Song File has to be changed before a Garageband Mac file will be downloadable to the iPad.  This can be done manually but is time consuming and tedious.  After doing it manually a few times and making mistakes, I have created an Applescript Application to do this called:


    Garageband Mac to iPad Oneshot Converter


    I have made a video of the converter in use which I have post on my Youtube ' fixed1t ' pages.  This Application and the video solves the question above and shows the song file on the mac being moved and running on the iPad.




    There is a link on the Description of the fixed1t youtube video to enable viewers to download a trial version. The link will also allow viewers to purchase a copy once you have tried i, but you are under no obligation to purchase and the trial is completely free.  I am selling it for £5 UK and I will receive over £4 of this should you decide to purchase using the PayPal link.


    Please try it out and give me feedback, even if you don't wish to buy it.


    Thanks Malcolm (aka fixed1t)


    I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link.

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