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so. upgraded our school to iMovie11.


suddenly, we can't use the software anymore, as it has decided that it will only accept a root folder location for its event storage.. Not a good idea with a school full of network homed kids, with a propensity to chop and change seats and machines which restore themselves to a virgin state.


so. is there a solution, or do we simply stop using iMovie? its pretty disappointing, and i can't see any reason for it. we are on a gigabit network, so data transfer speed is not an issue, as far as i can see.


i've tried setting up login hooks to create aliases to network home Movie folders, which results in iMovie crashing on an import. I've tried enabling the use of network volumes in the iMovie plist, and iMovie tells me that the network volumes have zero free space (we run quotas, and they are fine).


is this simply a case of a piece of sofware being utterly useless? is my only option to downgrade back to a functional version?





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    right. fixed it, only works with a single user at a time, though, so no fast switching.

    oh, and my users are maintained with an OS X server running OD. adjust the uHOME= line for other systems


    step 1:

    created a folder in /Library/Scripts


    sudo mkdir -p /Library/Scripts/iMovie\ Redirect


    step 2:

    created a login script


    cat > /Library/Scripts/iMovie\ Redirect/iMovieRedirect.sh


    # this script sets up a pre-user redirect of the iMovie root folder


    iMov="iMovie Events.localized"

    uHOME=`dscl /LDAPv3/<insert your OD server here> -read /Users/$1 NFSHomeDirectory | cut -d" " -f2`


    #clear up

    if [[ -L "/$iMov" ]] ; then

         \rm -r "/$iMov"


    #be nice, jsut in case we have a muppet who somehow got around the redirects. save their stuff!

    if [[ -d "/$iMov" ]] ; then

         Today=`date "+%d.%m.%y"`

         mv "/$iMov /$iMov.$Today"



    #make sure user has the right folder.

    if [[ ! -d "$uHOME/Movies/$iMov" ]] ; then

         mkdir "$uHOME/Movies/$iMov"

         chown ${uHOME##*/} "$uHOME/Movies/$iMov"



    #make the link

    ln -s "$uHOME/Movies/$iMov" "/$iMov"


    exit 0



    ctrl-D to save that lot.


    step 3:

    created a logout script


    cat > /Library/Scripts/iMovie\ Redirect/iMovieRemove.sh


    #this script removes the softlink created by the login script iMovieRedirect.sh


    iMov="iMovie Events.localized"

    if [[ -L "/$iMov" ]] ; then

         \rm -r "/$iMov"


    exit 0


    ctrl-D to save that lot.


    step 4:

    get them ready to be executed


    sudo chown -R root:admin /Library/Scripts/iMovie\ Redirect

    sudo chmod 775 /Library/Scripts/iMovie\ Redirect

    sudo chmod 544 /Library/Scripts/iMovie\ Redirect/*


    step 5:

    set up login and lgout hooks


    sudo defaults write com.apple.loginwindow LoginHook /Library/Scripts/iMovie\ Redirect/iMovieRedirect.sh

    sudo defaults write com.apple.loginwindow LogoutHook /Library/Scripts/iMovie\ Redirect/iMovieRemove.sh



    my users are now happily importing to a networked folder. i've hand typed this, so let me know if there's a typo.


    keywords: iMovie 11 network home network user movie import to network home folder