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What is the default Passcode for an iPad?  I have never supplied one but if I need to change it, I need to know what the existing one is , ie the defaul one.

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    There is no default passcode for the iPad. The user sets the passcode. Is your iPad locked with a passcode that you did not set?


    If it isn't locked, you can set the passcode if you want to use one and then you can change it as well if you decide to do so. You will have to enter the current passcode in order to access the ability to change to a new passcode.

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    Hi.  I woke up this morning. Checked my mail on my ipad2 and returned to use it an hour later to discover there was a passcode on the iphone I did not set! The ipad was a present from my ex boyfriend (I know...I shake my own head at these stories).  Is it possible he could have accessed my account settings from his pc or phone and set up a passcode.  If so how on earth do I fix it/stop it. 



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    Sorry...passcode is on the ipad, not iphone! :-/

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    It is the same passcode that is used to access your ipad/iphone everytime you turn it on (if one is set).