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I would like to purchase one of the Lord of the Rings films on iTunes, but our kids are far too young to watch it (I want to watch it myself).  Is it possible to purchase a movie from iTunes, and set it up so that a password is required for that individual movie, when it's opened up on Apple TV?


I understand that Apple TV has a passcode lock, but that's for the entire Apple TV, and it's only this one movie (and maybe others in the future) that we would like to individually password protect (or passcode protect).  Any ideas?


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    I have asked for your email address to be edited out. Post your address in an open thread is a sure way to be bombarded by unwanted email, remember it will be here long after you have resolved your problem, for automated detection software to find.


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    Unfortunately, it is not possible to password protected a specific movie or item in iTunes. However TV shows and movies purchased from iTunes come with a rating (PG, 12 etc etc) and you can apply a pass code for content with a rating above (whatever you set).