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I'm attempting to extend my wifi network wireless'ly (no ethernet) to multiple Airport Express's. On the Airport Extreme setup, I don't see this option of "Allow this network to be extended". Am I missing something?

Airport Extreme
  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,201 points)

    Suggest that you download and install the full function AirPort Utility 5.6 for Mac OS X Lion and it will take care of what you need.


    AirPort Utility 6.0 is nice to look at, but does not compare in terms of features or functionality.  In theory, AirPort Utility 6.0 is supposed to configure an Express to "extend" automatically with a few clicks.  In practice....that is another issue, as I've had all sorts of things happen when I try this.


    You can keep both 5.6 and 6.0 on your Mac and use the one that you like. That would be 5.6 for most users.

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    Thank you Bob, I faught with airport ulility version 6 for three hour! After I down loaded 5.6 I fixed my network in 10 min.

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    I can check the extend network box for the Airport Extreme, but there is NO option to extend the network on my Airport Express. Am I missing something?

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    Thanks Bob,

    I have been racking my brain and searching for a long time for this. Why can something so simple not be posted everywhere. We are certainly not a small group of people having this issue.

    Thanks again, this worked for me perfectly in minutes.


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    Thanks Bob-

    I don't know how to give you the points for solving the problem, but this did the trick.



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    There is no check box on the extreme.  All you need to do is select "extend a wireless network" in the  wireless mode drop down after you have checked the allow this network to be extended box for your primary base station.  (Airport Express>manual setup>Wireless>wireless mode="extend a wireless network"). Then restart the express and you should be good to go.


    Hope this helps.





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    I can check the extend network box for the Airport Extreme, but there is NO option to extend the network on my Airport Express. Am I missing something?

    If the "Extend a wireless network" setting does not appear as an option, then please check to see what Model No of the Express that you have.


    Look at the label on the side of the Express for the Model No.


    If you see A1084 or A1088, these older versions of the Express do not have the ability to "Extend a wireless network"

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    I recently moved.  I used to have my Airport Express set up to extend my Airport Extreme Network.  All was working fine.  Several months before moving, I did upgrade software to Lion and the AirPort Utility 6.  So, after moving, I can not choose the option to "allow this network to be extended" - it it missing. 


    Just like you recommended in the above responses, I did download the Airport Utility 5.6.  Even when I run it, the option is still not there.  I have tried holding the command key when trying to make the selection also, but that did nothing either.  I don't understand why my option has disappeared - it even discusses it in the help section for the 5.6 utility.  I tried installing the utility (5.6) on both my mac mini and my big mac - it isn't showing up as an option in either.


    Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!


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    Bob's the man!  Airport Utility 5.6 has access to tons more stuff than 6.0.  Thanks for pointing this out.

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    I am trying to use two airport extremes to extend my network. They are NOT connected with ethernet cable.I do not see "allow to extend this network box checked" for my main airport. . It is set "create a wireless network" on the main airport extreme.  Is this correct or should I change it to say, "extend a wireless network"? I do have green lights on both units.

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    .I do not see "allow to extend this network box checked" for my main airport.


    You are using a 6.x version of AirPort Utility.  The "allow, etc" is automatically always on by default, so there is no setting to turn on something that is always on. That is why you do not see it. Do not be concerned.


    Do not touch anything...and best to ignore instructions that are at least 3 years old and not relevant at this time.

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    Im running 10.10.5 and it won't even allow me to install airport 5.5.6 And the airport express gets the message "base station unable to extend the wireless network" HELPPP

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    You cannot install v5 utility into latest Yosemite or Mavericks.. there are methods.. google for it because apple deletes these responses.