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Six years ago I bought an album from iTunes. It contained 12 songs. I recently signed up for iMatch. It matched 11 of the 12 songs. But it has labled track 9 with an "Ineligible" cloud markTS4124_01-itunes-match_ineligible-001-en.png


In the Finder and in the iTunes "Get Info" window all of the track data looks alike (bit rate, date, ID, "protected MPEG-4 audio", etc.). But this one won't match or upload to iMatch. When selecting "create AAC version" I get a box that advises me that the song "could not be converted because proteted files cannot be converted to other fomats."  There is no problem playing the song. It was bought/authorized on the same Apple ID as the others from that album. I mention all these details because I have reserched all of the options that suggest those may be problems to correct.


I know I could burn this song to a CD (or equivalent) and then pull it back in but is there a more appropriate/logical solution?


Any ideas?

  • Joseph Delaney Level 3 (745 points)

    If you purchased it from iTunes, you should be able to go back into the iTunes store and click the "Purchased" link. That will show you everything you purchased, and let you download the song again. It should match then.

  • BobF_VA Level 1 (10 points)

    I appreciate the suggestion. I pursued it. But it turns out that even though iTunes acknowledges I bought the album (in the Get Info box) the store doesn't have it listed (at least not under an account I remember [note to self - wish Apple would allow merging of accounts]). That still leaves open the issue that all the other tracks were matched and work perfectly but this one doesn't. I know it happens on CDs that are ripped/uploaded but it is more frustrating when it is an iTunes purchase. Thanks for the help. I guess it is time to burn a CD, etc.