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I have over 2400 of the following messages from within the past 48 hours:


_NXGetScreenRect: error getting display depth (1001)

_NXGetScreenDepth: error getting display depth (1001)

The majority are of the former type.  There are probably more but obviously the logs have rotated by now.  The application responsible varies: VLC, Safari, FireFox, SystemUIServer, 1PasswordAgent, com.apple.dock.extra, Pastebot Sync, Little Snitch UIAgent.  The vast majority are thrown up by Safari.


I don't care if it's an indication of something innocuous, I just want them gone - anyone know how?


Running OS X 10.7.4 on a 2011 Mac mini.

Solved by BDAqua on May 29, 2012 11:24 AM Solved

Hmmm, are you using Spaces, Expose, or the new Lion version of those, or Fast User Switching? Anything that could be using other "Screens"?

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    Hmm, interesting. No, I don't, but I was recently using an iSight (the old external one using a FireWire cable).  However, I've just tested it by plugging it in, turning it on and making a short recording.  I interacted with some applications while it recorded and watched the Console for errors - nothing.


    I can't think of anything else video-related that may cause a similar effect.

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    Hmmm, are you using Spaces, Expose, or the new Lion version of those, or Fast User Switching? Anything that could be using other "Screens"?

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    I think we have a winner.  I never use Spaces or Exposé, but I do occasionally use Fast User Switching, including recently.  I just tested it and on coming back into my original user account (from the one I'd just Fast Switched into) there was a cluster of highly similar error messages.


    So, does that mean I've isolated a bug, or could this be related to my RAM (which the Mac mini uses for VRAM)?

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    Whew, great news, thanks!


    I think it is likely a bug, complicated buy Intel Graphics, but how much real RAM to you have, while at it, is there some way to expand the amount of RAM used for Video by a bit, thought I read something like that.


    Ah, maybe that "Dynamic" allocation is the problem...

    Note: Depending on the application or task being accomplished, Mac OS X may make additional main memory available to the graphics processor for texture use beyond the base amount mentioned above. The most common types of applications that request more system memory to be used as graphics memory are 3D and graphics-intense applications. Using an extended desktop or mirrored desktop may also increase the amount of system memory used as graphics memory.   For example, the GMA 950 would allocate 80 MB, resulting in 432 MB of available memory (512-80=432).  Likewise, the GMA X3100 would allocate 160 MB, resulting in 864 MB of available memory (1024-160=864).



    Do you ever get low on RAM, or have Pageouts?


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    I have 8GB of Crucial RAM installed.  The Intel HD 3000 GPU is a slight anomaly: according to EveryMac, it is allocated 288MB of VRAM from RAM; but according to my System Profiler, it's designated as a 512MB GPU.


    As expected with so much RAM installed, I have no swap activity at all.


    I guess the worry is that the RAM may be responsible.  I place this machine under considerable stress sometimes (some 3D gaming alongside simultaneous live streaming video) but I've never seen these errors on those occasions.  I think I may run a RAM test overnight, and if that passes OK I'll report a bug.


    Your help was appreciated.  Anything to add?

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    OK, I'm about out of ideas, but all the problems & few cures/workarounds all seem to have to do with Video/Display functions.