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I have my iPad and iPhone setup for wifi sync in windows.  When i leave the house and come back or sometimes overnight, it wont sync over wifi, I get back to my pc and there is an anoying popup on the screen that says "An iPhone has been detected but it could not be identified properly.  Please disconnect and reconnect the iPhone, then try again."




Sometimes there are several popups that keep coming up, like five or ten one after the other.  My devices dont sync over wifi until I physically go to the computer and clear all the popups.  Kinda defeats the purpose of wifi sync if i have to go to my PC and do something before it will work, i might as well carry my phone there and plug it in.


I've done searches and found no solution, only several other people with the same problem.


Please fix.

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    I also have this issue.  I have uninstalled iTunes and other apple programs in a specified order from Apple support to resolve an issue I was having with wifi sync, yet this problem still persists.  I had it prior to my wifi sync not working, then when it wasn't working, this error never appeared, and now it is back again.


    It is very frusturating to have to go to a computer to clear error messages so that I can use iTunes remotley, either to wifi sync, or play music to wireless speakers. 


    I am not even able to duplicate the issue to find what causes it so that I can further troubleshoot.  If I knew what caused it I would find a way to not do that.


    Apple - PLEASE HELP