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Several iPad users in our organization have experienced the following problem:


Scenario: Person A uses their full Outlook client on PC/Laptop to create and send an email to person B


If person B then forwards the email onto someone else using their iPad, any apostrophes in the forwarded email turn into question marks!!




For info:


If person B forwards the email using their standard desktop/laptop the problem doesn't occur. It only happens when they use iPad


If person A creates the original email using plain text the problem doesn't occur.


If person A creates the email using OWA the problem doesn't occur


If person A creates the original email using rich text, the problem does occur.



Our standard desktop client is Outlook 2003, although we do have some users with 2010.


It seems as if the native exchange formatting on the iPad cannot cope with the formatting coming through from emails created using the full Outlook client. Any ideas??





iPad 2, iOS 5