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I have this issue on both my iPad and iPhone.  When i get a calendar invite in my inbox (for example an exhange invite *.ics) there is no option to accept the invitation.  I can open the event in mail, and view teh details, but there is no way to accept it.  The invite also does not show up as an "invitation" in my calendar, althought it does show up in the actual calendar as an event that has not been accepted.  

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    Just got iPhone 4s and have the exact same problem. These are all Exchange invites done by my assistant from her Outlook. I already exchanged to a new unit and the problem persists. What's more frustrating is that some invites work and some dont. Most do exactly as you describe. No option to accept/decline and go straight to my calendar while the invite on my Outlook sitll shows as unaccepted. The same problem exists if I open the actual iphone calendar notification or the attachment on the email sent by Exchange. It is extremely frustrating.


    I have tried everything to try to analyze what is causing this and cant seem to get to the bottom of it and cannot explain the randomness of the problem. I am so dissapointed that iPhone and all its hype cant seem to get plain business functionality as good as Blackberry.


    Would love to hear comments on this.

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    Save the ICS file to your desktop, click properties, then select "calendar" as the applicaiton to always open these files.  SHold work..