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Bluetooth Earpiece(Jawbone ICON with A2DP) does not give me an audible alert when I receive Texts or Calendar reminders.

My phone vibrates, but I what I want is my chosen alert tone in my ear.

When I get a phone call, I get the phone number read to me and the alert tone.


I have tried turning the A2DP off and about a hundred other things.


All help appreciated.





iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    There is a slight delay when the phone and headset begin to communicate for A2DP audio. Usually, things like calendar and SMS alerts are too short to be heard in the headset. You'll notice that if you are actively listening to music streaming to the headset from the phone or having a conversation, you will hear the alerts.


    If you don't use your headset to stream audio, and only use it for phone calls. Disable A2DP on the headset. You will hear the alerts from the phone speaker in that case. You will probably never get the alerts on the headset unless you're actively listening to something already.

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    Thanks Tim


    Is there an app to create my own alert tones?

    Does it make sense that I could create an alert tone that is long enough to allow the headset to "wake up"?

    Maybe 1 second of low audio followed by the alert tone?




    I will see what I can come up with.


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