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Hello Everyone,


I am currently in China on a business trip. While attending an exhibition, I was unfortunately pick pocketed and my iPhone 4S was stolen. This was a factory unlocked iPhone 4S, which I purchased in Orlando, FL (my hometown).


Since I depend heavily on my phone for work, I decided to purchase another iPhone 4S while in Beijing. The sales person explained that it was also a factory unlocked iPhone 4S. In addition, he explained that it works with both WCDMA and GSM. I want to confirm if:


A) Is this possible and true


B) If you purchased an iPhone 4S in China, once  you return to the USA will it operate like a standard factory unlocked iPhone 4S you would purchase in the USA... And can you get your standard applications like YouTube, etc back on the phone - as they are blocked in China?


C) Are the iPhone 4S units sold in China actually factory unlocked?


D) Will I be able to use this phone internationally... And by that I mean purchase a local SIM card, put it into the phone and use a local service provider... As i was able to do with my former iPhone 4S which was stolen.


Here is the model number and serial number if that helps:


Model # MD261CH

Serial # C39H44D0DTDV


I appreciate any and all constructive advise, thank you.


- Justin

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