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Hello Everyone,


I am currently in China on a business trip. While attending an exhibition, I was unfortunately pick pocketed and my iPhone 4S was stolen. This was a factory unlocked iPhone 4S, which I purchased in Orlando, FL (my hometown).


Since I depend heavily on my phone for work, I decided to purchase another iPhone 4S while in Beijing. The sales person explained that it was also a factory unlocked iPhone 4S. In addition, he explained that it works with both WCDMA and GSM. I want to confirm if:


A) Is this possible and true


B) If you purchased an iPhone 4S in China, once  you return to the USA will it operate like a standard factory unlocked iPhone 4S you would purchase in the USA... And can you get your standard applications like YouTube, etc back on the phone - as they are blocked in China?


C) Are the iPhone 4S units sold in China actually factory unlocked?


D) Will I be able to use this phone internationally... And by that I mean purchase a local SIM card, put it into the phone and use a local service provider... As i was able to do with my former iPhone 4S which was stolen.


Here is the model number and serial number if that helps:


Model # MD261CH

Serial # C39H44D0DTDV


I appreciate any and all constructive advise, thank you.


- Justin

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    There is only one model iPhone sold in three capacities and two colors.

    All 4S iPhones are CDMA/GSM.  This could have easily been found by looking at the specs on Apples website in less time than it took to type up this posting.


    Whether it is factory unlocked or not will depend on where it is being purchased.

    Only Apple in China may offer unlocked iPhones, all iPhones sold through authorized carriers are locked and the carriers do not offer unlocking.


    Also, keep in mind the warranty is NOT International.  Do yourself a favor and wait till you get back to the US to purchase a replacement.