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I wanted to use an iMac (Thunderbolt Model) display as a Secondary Display for a Macbook Air (Thunderbolt Model) using a thunderbolt cable.  The catch is that I am running Windows 7 under bootcamp on the Macbook Air.  The iMac is running Mac OSX.


There is this FAQ, however this does not cover this scenario, since I believe it implies that the iMac is running Windows 7.  (see below).  Does anyone know if I can use my iMac as a display in the same way as I use my Thunderbolt Display when running Windows 7 on my Macbook Air?



Apple FAQ:


18. Can I use Target Display Mode or Target Disk Mode with Boot Camp and Windows 7 using a Thunderbolt-capable iMac?

No. Target Display Mode and Target Disk mode are not supported using Boot Camp and Windows 7 on a Thunderbolt-capable iMac.






iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    So what your trying to do is use an iMacs display as an external display for the Air?

    As far as I remember the latest iMacs can now use the display as an external display for another computer so it should work. (As long as the iMac is off anyway). I would imagine it would be up to Windows or Boot Camp if it will support it under Windows though.


    In the upper Finder menu on the iMac, click on Help and type in "Using iMac as External display" (or something similar) and it should tell you how to do it or what's required? Make sure you're connected to the internet as some of the help information is accessed from Apples site.


    Found this post, might help?

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    It needs to be a 27" iMac.