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my ipod is showing corrupted.. iam updating by itunes but its show error 1439.. can any1 help me

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    Hey there AftabskinHow are you?

    Well, I have an iPod Classic, it gave me the error -1436 error and would not restore on iTunes.

    I did the following:

    My Boss (@work) has a fairly old iBook but it has OS-X, so I decided to give it a try and connected my iPod to it.

    The system showed a window telling me that the disk is not MAC formated and needs to be validated prior further action. Snce it is a Mac product, I thought "yeah, go ahead".

    It then opens the disk manager utility for the Mac and showed the disk. It's window has some tabs, one is to verify the disk, so I verified it. Guess what, it had some invalid clusters.

    Then I formatted the iPod to OS-X Plus file system (next tab to the right). After formating the iPod, I "ejected" the iPod and reconnected to my PC. The Windows iTunes found an iPod with Mac file system and asked me to restore it. As I clicked on the "restore" button, I crossed my fingers as this was the last resource I have.


    Finally, after the file extraction was done, it began to restore the iPod!!

    I'm so happy about being able to restore the iPod that I decided to share with all you guys this solution as it is the most usefull, in my opinion.


    Hope you can find someone with an iBook or a desktop Mac, so you can fix yours.

    If it works for you, make sure to share the tip!!


    Kind regards

    Salvador Rivera