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Hi there,


Does anyone have any contact details for apple or are able to help me with something. I downloaded some movies from the store which I downloaded to my ipad directly. As I had run out of space on my ipad for more movies, I removed some of them. Some of the movies I have removed appear in my main Mac itunes account in the purchase history, but others do not. Its like I had never purchased them. ALL movies are missing from my purchase history in itunes on my ipad, even the movies that I didn't remove.


I'm really confused as I seem to have lost a number of films. I thought that you could remove files from one location but that doesn't mean they are deleted from itunes folder.


Can anyone help me with this?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1
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    Have you tried checking downloading from your Purchased page?




    If you are not from the US, you will not be able to redownload movies as this is available for US accounts only. You can contact support for more help.



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    The same thing has happened to me: When I go to PURCHASED on the home paged under "Quick Links" everything is missing. Also, my AppleTV account shows I have not purchased anything, though I have nearly LOTS of shows purchased. Is this some sort of temporary "iTunes outage"?

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    It seems to be affecting a lot of people, including me - my iTunes and Mac App Store purchased lists are currently empty.

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    All my stuff has just vanished - everything  - it says I have no past purchases - it all just vanished

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    I reinstalled some APPs on my Macbook Pro this morning, when I logged back in after lunch to download some music from my "Purchased" history, everything is gone for me as well. And, it across all my devices, 2x iPad2's, 2x iPhones (wife/me) my desktop PC and my Macbook Pro.


    I sincerely hope they get this resolved soon without issue since I just had to replace a failed drive in my Macbook Pro and reinstall everything.


    They could at least acknowledge the issue and release a "we're working on it" news bite so people don't fumble around in the dark.

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    I purchased a movie from itunes two days ago. When I synced with my macbook, the video wouldn't work on the ipad anymore. Something about the url to this movie not being available or something. So I deleted the movie from the ipad with intention to redownload it from the itunes store, but there's no record of the purchase either.

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    Aaaaaaaaargh! Just read a bit more about redownloading movies. Why on earth are customers in the US the only ones who can redownload content????? I wasn't given any warning when I deleted the movie to say I'd have to pay for it again if I wanted it back!! It wasn't working anyway! And why is there such a discrepancy between apps and itunes content? I can't remove apps from my purchased history, even if I just tested them out for a day and never want to use them again. So why is citunes ontent not available??? *****


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    Really disappointed in Apple. I spent a lot of money on movies that I now have to buy again. If the rules on storage are different then they need to be clearer with a delete warning. I won't be buying any movies from apple again. Just lost me as a customer! Ok i may be small fry to them, but it seems like a lot of people are having the same problem. And where are apple support in all this? It seems very much a case of buy our over priced gadgets and then you're on your own.

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    Guys Recently i had almost same prob with the application purchase in the application store. Try out the following steps anywhere might work, worked for me.

    1) Open u r application store program.

    2) in quick links select u r account. Once selected enter u r user id nd pwd.

    3) Once u r account is open, select view hidden purchases.

    4) This is the place where u will get all u r deleted item. once opened just unhide the application or program or movie which u have deleted. And bingo u have the item back in u r purchased list again.



    Have fun guys. It Should work......

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    I did like you said, and I am able to see all my purchases with their order nos, including the missing movies, but I see no way to put them back, and I don't see any hidden putchase link.


    Please help.



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    Good Day Saumitra ...

    hope you have tried the steps i have mentioned above.

    this doesent work in itune store.

    Fo Itune Store Do the same click on the email account on right side of your itune popup.

    Then Put your pwd.

    You will be redirected to your account details .

    go into the purchased history see the program you have purchased, all detalis are given there.

    The search for the purchsed item you want to download.

    It will be free of cost for you.

    Only thing is you will have to download all again.

    Hope it helps.