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my credit card is not accepted!

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    There might be something on your account that's preventing you on using your card. Best to contact your bank and have them check your account and the support as well.



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    Apple has become the lone business in the entire civilized world that refused to accept my preferred credit card. And Apple is solely at fault.


    Some time ago, I noticed a copy of Bento had mysteriously appeared on my system. Then, I received a notice that my account had been billed for the "purchase." I had not ordered this application.


    After trying without success to find someone within Apple to correct this error, I went through my credit card issuer and questioned the charge as payment for unordered merchandise. The bank quickly reversed it.


    Now, however, Apple maintains that there is a question about this card and refuses to accept it. I now make payments through PayPal, which like nearly all merchants with whom I deal readily accepts the same card.


    Still, I feel like I'm being punished for contesting the erroneous charge, and I insist that Apple withdraw the blak mark on my card.


    Richard Baker


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    I am getting this same error - I did have to format the hard drive on my laptop and then re-install everything .. would that affect this?


    I tried to purchase some iTunes gift certificates but get the error message stating that "this card cannot be used with iTunes" - I tried 3 different credit cards and none of them work !!  But I have purchased gift certificates using this method lots of times in the past - not happy, these were last minute birthday gifts !


    Has anyone got a solution to this problem?

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    Here's a good one. Apple iTunes will use my credit card when i want to buy songs. But when I go to purchase tokens, gold, rubies WHATEVER for the game Apps ` it says "Oops your transaction didn't go thru again." REALLY REALLYYYYYYYYYY. i AM SO CONFUSED     HELP

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    1. Go the app store


    2. Hit cancel when it asks you to sign in (If it doesn't, continue to step 3)


    3. Find a free app and try to download it


    4.  you to sign in option will appear, it will ask you if you want to use existing ID or create a new apple id. SELECT CREATE NEW APPLE ID


    5. Follow the steps and when it gets to the stage it asks you for your card info, Choose 'None'


    6. Full in all you name and address etc... And click next.


    7. Verify your email and Enjoy downloading FREE apps


    8. Say thank you as I do appreciate your love :)

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    iTunes is not showing NONE option.

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    Just got off the phone with support.  If the "none" button does not appear its because you either have:


    A- a pending purchase. you can check this by looking at your recent purchases. 


    B-a monthly subscription that is attached to your card thru itunes.


    either way the only way to fix is cancel the subscription or change the credit card info to a valid one and let the pending charges go thru.  once you have done this the "none" button will appear and you can delete the credit card.

    Support ststed that this is the ONLY way to fix this issue!  Hope this helps!!!!!

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    Sorry, but this "only" absolution fails to even address my original complaint. Some time ago, the Apple store shipped me unordered merchandise and billed my credit card for it. Unable to contact anyone responsible at Apple, I went through the card issuer and got the charge cancelled. Since then,Apple has insisted there is a "problem" with the card and refuses to honor it. I want Apple to correct its error and honor the card for future purchases.

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    There is no "None"

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    Trying to open my new account but I don't wanna use credit card on my account

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    Three is no none showing on my iPad to do new account with itune store