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Hi, I recently update my MacBook from Snow Leopard to Lion (10.7.3) and I was using iCal with Exchange in my organization without any problem, but now I cannot add events, I get a message saying that iCal can't add the evento to Exchange, and it gives me 3 options Cancel, Restore or Redo.

I search in the forums for this message but none has come to a posible solutions, but I found a discution that someone enable the time zone support and specifies a diferent time zone in the event and "voila" it fixes the problem, the events now are added to Exchange; but obviously this turnaround is not good because the meetings you have to mention the difference in the time to get a meeting done.

Anyone knows how to report this situation to Apple Support?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Sorry I do not write to give solutions, only to mention I have the same problem. Additionally, I can share that for the same Exchange account server I can register new events from my iPhone and my iPad. In both instances, events are uploaded to the server and appear in my MacBook's iCal.

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    Hi, to all of you that have had the same problem, I solved the issue by unchecking the Time Zone Support in Preferences -> Advanced. Another thing to have in mind is that I updated the OS from 10.7.3 to 10.7.4