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I have a Mac Pro and just did a clean-install of 10.6.4 Server. Updated it to 10.6.8 Server and now the fans are running full tilt. Activity monitor shows nothing. No services running, etc. Total fresh install, nothing turned on yet, etc. Any idea how to quiet this thing down?


Prior to 10.6 Server, it was running 10.6.8 client — never experienced this fan issue in all the time I've used it. Just started after the 10.6.8 Server Update.




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    Try smc and pram reset.

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    Yep, tried both of those and nothing.

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    Did you make a bootable backup your original system?   It would be a good test to see what happens if you boot from that.  That would indicate whether its a hardware of software problem.


    You could run Apple Hardware Test to possibly check for some hardware problems.

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    Yep, just booted off of it — started quiet, then the fans start up like a plane taking off.

    Booted back into OS X Server and installed iStat. Most reports look normal (high 20s [degrees celsius]), but Northbridge is running at 126 degrees celsius. I tried re-seating the heatsink connector, cleaned the insides (used an entire can of compressed air), removed and cleaned all RAM, etc. but nothing. Still running high.

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    So the fans are running high in both the old and new systems.  Hmm.  So that would indeed point to hardware.  Northbridge is running at 126 degrees celsius sounds a  really hot.  Don't know why installing a new system would cause that particularly if it is still happening in the old system.


    What about runnning that Apple Hardware Test?

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    Yea, I've blown a day on this box — going to send it in to have it looked at. Will post results when I get them. Thanks for all the help.


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    Ok, good luck.  Hope it doesn't cost too much.

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    I got a contact with my local (indie) authorized Apple reseller/repair company for times just like this. And, it'll be cheaper than buying a new Mac Pro (typically going with Mac mini servers now, but need the card slot for an LTO-4 drive on this box).


    Anyway, thanks again for the help today.


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    Hello all of my fellow noisy fan suffers,


    After trying many things calling apple support, also the people that sold us the computer, reading many posts about resetting this or installing that I sort of gave up.


    Then one morning when the temperature in town was near on 0 celcius and the computer had just been turned on, and the fans where hailing away at full throttle, I put the computer to sleep.... ahhh no more noise. but alas I had work to do so had to wake it back up again.


    Funny thing is when I woke it up the fans where not going at full throttle anymore, infact they where as quite as a mouse. This I found interesting and a huge relief.


    This has not stopped the problem, most mornings no matter how cold it is fans still play up but a quick shhh my dear machine go to sleep for a minute then start it back up and no more noise.


    I am still waiting for the solution (maybe buying a PC "HOPE NOT") Hope more that apple will get off their collective backsides and fix the problem.


    But for all of us out there that is having this ear ache of a problem maybe my solution could help just a little.


    All the best



    P.S. This is the same message I gave to another post but would like to add that you should check dust build up between the fan and and what they are there to cool. Let us know if it works!