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I have some video shot in AVCHD (GH2 hacked) and am testing out the reconnect media feature of FCPx. I import a file, it create a copy of it on my hd as I don't have proxy or high quality media selected. I then edit this file. Now I shut down FCPx, navigate to FCP Events > my project nam > Original Mesiad and delete the file.


So obviously when I fire up FCPx i get the red clip. I then go and select relink files and now comes the confusing part, I assume that I have to select the original MTS file right? So I select the MTS file but on trying to reconnect it I get this error message:


The original file had audio, but the new file doesn't.



Relinked files must have the same media type, same frame rate, and similar audio channels as the original files, and must be long enough to cover all the clips that reference the files.


Any ideas? I also tried to reimport the missing file CMD I but FCPx refuesed to let me import it as it has an orange bar below it so it looked like the program was onfused.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2), With the nice Nvidia 6630m card