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Hi all


So this is a real *** moment.


I have Canon C300 footage transcoded into ProRes LT. A ProRes LT timeline and ProRes LT footage when I check the footage properties.


When I export the timeline, both through using timeline settings AND selecting ProRes LT - the end export is APCS codec format?!?!?


The very same project WAS working fine, as I had been exporting clips and using them in Motion 5, then I updated CUDA drivers (trying to be good and keeping up to date!) and now this issue - so they MUST be related somehow..........


I have no idea what to try - anyone have any advice please??




Mac Pro 2 x 2.8 Quad Core Intel Xeon, 18GB Ram 800 MHz, Nvidia Quadro 4000, Mac OSX 10.6.8, FCP 7.0.3 = help!

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    I've seen this as well. If you open in QT Player and open the Inspector you should see it reported as Pro Res LT. If you bring it into Compressor, it should also report it as Pro Res LT.



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    Hi Russ


    Yep - you are right, opening it in Quicktime does report it as being ProRes LT.


    What threw me was that when trying to use the clip in Motion 5, it was saying that Motion 5 does not support that codec. It had been working fine 10 minutes before!


    However, the clip now WORKS again in Motion 5, so it was actually Motion 5 having a problem, which is now sorted and gone away - I can carry on with work after spending a few hours trying to solve a problem that was just a glitch!!!!


    Thanks for replying though - appreciate it!